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About us


The story of Pancracio is the story of a dream, a dream of making chocolate of the highest quality, with an unmistakable passion for good taste and a keen eye for the aesthetics. An artisan brand aimed at those who appreciate the finer details, delight in pleasures and view chocolate as a source of excitement. We have always tried to create original products with personality, simplicity and elegance in equal measure, generating emotional bonds and leaving an enduring impression. In the words of Colette, one of the world’s most famous concept stores, Pancracio is “a chocolate to devour with a wrapper worth keeping”.


Our chocolate is the result of an artisan process which begins at the land of origin and continues all the way to the workroom. We choose the best cocoa beans from the most exclusive harvesting estates and create our chocolate by enhancing those characteristics that render it unique and unrivalled. PANCRACIO is craftsmanship and innovation. The handcrafted creation of our chocolate is consistent with extensive R&D which allows us to create new products that result in unique experiences.

“Our dream
to share emotions.”


Pancracio’s story is linked to those big international names synonymous with luxury and gourmet, names such as Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Selfridges, The Conrad Shop or Harrods. Furthermore, we are proud that large luxury brands are gifting our products as part of the premium experience they set aside for their most exclusive customers, and that big names in media have spoken about PANCRACIO, highlighting the quality of our chocolate and the attractiveness of the meticulously designed packaging. The objective, however, is to bring our chocolates to the highest number of people possible, while staying true to those qualities that have turned us into a successful brand.


Receiving a personalised gift with a handwritten message from someone who appreciates you may well be one of the nicest gestures there is. We believe that these special touches never go out of fashion, and that whoever makes them also creates an unforgettable memory, which is why personalisation is one of our hallmarks.

I tried the chocolate and I was thrilled.”
James Rhodes

Neiman Marcus
Bergdorf Goodman
Selfridges Co.
The Conran Shop
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