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We end the year with delicious new products

This 2023 is a very special year for Pancracio, not only because we continue to grow, betting on creativity and innovation, but also because many of those future projects are now a reality. Now our chocolates can be enjoyed in a wide variety of formats ranging from our pralines to our exclusive hot chocolate, available in a selection of major supermarkets and usual points of sale.

The new Pancracio hot chocolate is made with the finest quality cocoa from the Dominican Republic, born from our desire to foster new moments of pleasure. Now you can enjoy Pancracio for breakfast, as a snack, or at any time of the day, with the unmistakable texture of traditional hot chocolate and an intense and unique flavor that is a hallmark of our brand.

The pralines, on the other hand, are the result of extensive internal development. With an innovative design, divided into small individual portions, they will delight chocolate lovers. Their creaminess and unmistakable flavor make them the ideal chocolate to share.

We also find new chocolate bars and carrés. For the first time, we include milk chocolate in our range, with 42% cocoa. This is a significantly higher percentage than the market average, very creamy, and despite its high cocoa intensity, it does not lose its milky notes. For the carrés, small finely cut squares, we have chosen the best flavors of Pancracio: 64% dark chocolate, 70 and 80% dark chocolate, and 42% milk chocolate. The chocolate bar is less than 5mm thick to achieve a quick and smooth melt in the mouth.

And, of course, the time has also come to innovate in an iconic product like our panettone. To our best-selling classic chocolate panettone, we now add hazelnut cream and candied orange. Without processed fruit substitutes and following the traditional recipe to ensure the best possible product, with an artisanal flavor and free of hydrogenated fats.

As we mentioned a few lines above, these products offer new moments of consumption while maintaining the entire essence of the brand, and they will be available to Pancracio's usual customers starting from the beginning of October.

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