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Our History

The chocolate in the white box

Pancracio’s history tells the story of a dream – a dream to create chocolate of the finest quality, declaring a true vocation for great taste and especial care for the aesthetics. A hand-crafted brand aimed at those who appreciate detail, love pleasure and conceive of chocolate as a sublime experience.

We have always striven to create original products that balance personality, simplicity and elegance in equal parts, products that radiate bonds of feeling while leaving a deep impression. In the words of Colette, one of the most legendary concept stores in history, Pancracio is “a chocolate to devour in a wrapper to keep”.

How we do it

The world’s best cocoa

Our chocolate is the result of a hand-crafted process that stretches from its land of origin to the bakery. We choose the finest cocoa beans from the most exclusive cocoa farms, creating our chocolate in such a way as to enhance the characteristics that make these beans so unique and unrivalled. PANCRACIO is craftsmanship and innovation. The way that we craft our chocolate by hand is compatible with intensive R+D+i input, enabling us to create new products that provoke unequalled experiences.

“We do things in a handmade fashion, applying an artistic gaze.”

– Artisan Attitude

Our hallmark: personalisation

Receiving a gift just for you, chosen by a person who appreciates you, with their handwritten dedication, may be one of the nicest gestures that exists. We believe that these details never go out of fashion. Whomsoever employs them leaves a lasting memory. That is why personalisation is one of our hallmarks.

Our history

Synonymous with good taste

Pancracio’s history is linked to gourmet outlets worldwide, such as Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Selfridges, The Conrad Shop and Harrods. Furthermore, we are proud that big brands give away our products as part of the premium experience they reserve for their most exclusive customers. Major media headlines have mentioned PANCRACIO, highlighting our chocolate’s fine quality and the beauty of our packaging. Our aim is to bring our chocolates to as many people as possible, while remaining true to the qualities that have made us a successful brand.

“I tasted the chocolate and was thrilled.”



Cocoa Commitment

This represents our solid commitment, along with our suppliers, to ensure sustainable cultivation of cocoa and other ingredients (fruit and nuts) both socially and economically, while respecting the environment and working conditions at source.


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