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Our Commitment

Cocoa Commitment

This represents our solid commitment, along with our suppliers, to ensure sustainable cultivation of cocoa and other ingredients (fruit and nuts) both socially and economically, while respecting the environment and working conditions at source.


Reasons to choose

our chocolate for your company.

Fair trade

Ensuring good working conditions and income at source for producers and their families, who are the primary, most important link in the cocoa chain.

Sustainable cultivation

Growing sustainable cocoa enables them to deal with the current economic situation and also, as a valuable resource, to combat climate change.

Positive impact

We work with our suppliers to ensure good practices that help prevent and eradicate child labour, promote fair remuneration and respect human rights.

Our Products

100% natural ingredients

We guarantee that all our ingredients are 100% natural. They all come from natural sources. Cocoa, butter, milk, sugar, fruit and nuts are all selected according to the highest standards of quality, food safety and nutritional values, without any preservatives or additives.

Only in this way can we achieve and guarantee a healthy, sustainable and traceable end product that meets the expectations of our most demanding, committed customers.

Our Single-Origin Cocoa

Dark chocolate containing 65% cocoa, made with beans from an exclusive Madagascar plantation surrounded by tamarinds – trees that give it this unique fruity aroma. It is a bitter chocolate with fruity and citrus notes along with a high cocoa content.

Dark chocolate containing 65% cocoa made with cocoa beans from a plantation protected by its lush setting, giving the cocoa tree all its richness. A sour note and forest berries predominate with hints of wood, giving this dark chocolate its lingering taste. Trinitario cocoa beans come from an exclusive plantation in the heart of a Peruvian natural park.

An exquisite chocolate, resulting from a unique blend of the finest creole and trinitario beans. 68% dark chocolate cocoa, with fruity notes, a slight acid touch and an intense taste.

Our collection of milk chocolate bars, crunchies and rocks are made from 42% cocoa milk chocolate, with a pure cocoa taste. The cocoa beans come mainly from West Africa, mostly of the Forastero variety.

Our collection of dark, crunchy and rock chocolate tablets is made from 64% dark chocolate with a powerful cocoa taste, floral notes and sour fruits, delicately enhanced with a hint of coffee and chestnuts. The cocoa beans come mainly from West Africa, mostly of the Forastero variety.


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